the Art and the Craft

We design what we build. Our designs are original.
We build what we design. Our workmanship is impeccable.

The Art

Our furniture is valued for its:

  • design
  • performance
  • versatility
  • integrity
  • longevity
  • contribution to place and culture
  • expression of line, form, curve, contour, and surface
  • composition of wood figure
  • coherence of elements
  • feel to the hand.
Ip 122

The Craft

We use "handmade" furniture to distinguish ours from that made in factories for mass distribution. As a term, "handmade" has resonance but lacks rigor.

In an article, Defining the Field, Edward Cooke, Jr. describes "studio" furniture. It fits, and with respects, I quote:

Studio furniture is defined by the scale of its production, the background of its makers (and their personal, original approach to design, materials, and technique), the workmanship invested in the furniture, and by the way it is sold. This furniture is made in small batches, or one piece at a time, in a studio or shop by skilled artist/craftsmen. These artist/craftsmen may be graduates of degree programs, more often are self-taught, but always continue to learn and explore. They have an abiding reverence for their material, a thorough technical knowledge of wood and woodworking, and a formal or informal art education. They pursue their own design, style, motifs, and methods. Studio furniture is not distributed through ordinary retail outlets. Pieces are sold through art and craft galleries or shows, commissioned by patrons, or purchased from the maker.