makers and rocking chair parts in woodshop

How We Make a Rocking Chair

In this subsection of the website, we describe and illustrate a few of the steps for each part or process. See the links at the bottom of the page.


We typically cut out the parts for ten or twelve rocking chairs and work them until they are ready to assemble. Then we spread them out and match them into chairs, number them, and put them in a rack.

We assemble a couple of rockers a day (or other items) from matched and numbered parts on the rack as we cut out another batch of rocking chairs, dining chairs, or whatever.

Order of Operations

We have a ring binder entitled, "Rocking Chair Shop Notes." Each rocking chair part has a section: seats, back legs, arms, and so forth. We refer to this notebook for essential dimensions and settings and to keep the chair making steps in order. There are 178 steps in this book. The assembly, sculpting, sanding, and finishing steps are not included.

ring binder, open to shop notes