five barstools

Our Handmade Barstools

We have two designs, a "counter chair" and a "tractor seat".

The Berry Barstool

The Berry is well suited for bars, islands, and counters where an extension of the back would obstruct the workspace or view. It tucks under the overhang when unoccupied. Pleasing and comfortable, it fulfills many requirements.

We have one at the drawing board. A patron has a set in his music room.

We offer two widths of seat, and any seat height from 18" to 31."

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The Heflin Barstool

The Heflin has splats to support your lumbar. The seat is deeply scooped to relieve pressure on your hipbones. It's a tall, comfortable chair.

We build them to fit the counter, bar, or tall table where they will serve--you may specify a seat height from 22" to 31."

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The Barstool Test

If you are considering the purchase of 3 or more of our barstools, we will send one to you at our expense. We'll have it picked up after a week or so. No charge to you.


Our Barstool Designs