Berry barstools at a bar, view in setting

Berry Barstool

Our Berry Barstool has two seat widths.  You can choose one and specify the wood and the height of the seat.

Barstool Test

If you are considering the purchase of 3 or more of our barstools, we will send one to you at our expense.  We'll have it picked up after a week or so.  No charge to you.  Details.

Seat Width

You may choose 16-1/2" wide or 20" wide.

20" Width Barstool (left) and 16 1/2" Width Barstool (right)
20" Width Barstool (left) and 16 1/2" Width Barstool (right)

Seat Height

We recommend a seat height that is 12" below the top of the bar, counter, or table.

  • Bar height is typically 42" high.  For that, we build 30" high barstools.
  • Counter height is typically 36" high.  For which, we build 24" high barstools.
  • Typical tables are 30" high.  We build 18" stools for them.
  • You may specify the height that works for you from 18-31".


four Berry barstools at a curved counter
five narrow Berry barstools at a counter
four Berry barstools, on two sides of kitchen counter
Will and Ave, preparing a bar for Berry barstools
Berry barstools at a bar, view in setting


Mr. Weeks,

We received the chair on Thursday.  We love it — it exceeds our expectations.  Thank you.

We love the chair — it's a marvel of art, engineering and comfort.


Los Angeles, California

Work in Progress

Will measuring and turning legs
Bonner shaping stool edge on pump sander
assembling footrest to leg, mortise into tenon
Austin assembling a barstool
Austin gluing a spindle


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