custom curved entry table in studio


We can customize our catalogued designs.
We design and build custom furniture...sometimes.


The detailing, decoration, or change in dimension of a piece of furniture that is in our catalog.

We can use mixed woods in a piece, use contrasting accents, use a wood we don't ordinarily stock, carve, inlay, and engrave. We can apply a bronze plaque with your chosen text.

You may have another idea. Please inquire.

Ways to Customize the Furniture

Custom Furniture:

The design and construction of a piece of furniture that is not in our catalog.

We can build anything.

We can build anything, but not everything is fun or practical for us to build. Inquiries are welcome. Past patrons merit special consideration. If your project fits, we can exchange ideas, drawings, and photos. Your final decision would be based on a scale drawing, price, and shipping date.