Leg and Apron Extension Tables

It is nice to fit the table to the occasion.

Size and Configuration

We offer and price our "Leg-and-Apron" Extension Tables in the sizes below (A, B, and C) with two 18" wide leaves. See Paschall and Phillips tables. 

In addition, you can specify the size of the table and number of leaves according to your space and the places to set.  We will quote you a firm price for the furniture delivered.

Extension Table Drawings

The photos in the slider below show our Paschall Table, size B, in its possible configurations: 

  • no leaf, seats 6
  • one leaf, seats 8
  • two leaves, seats 10.
extension table B, no leaf, seats 6
extension table B, open for one leaf
extension table B, one leaf, seats 8
extension table B, open for two leaves
extension table B, two leaves, seats 10

Notes on Larger Sizes

If an extension table is to be longer than 102" we add two legs in the center to prevent sagging over the decades.  These center legs are together when the table is set up without leaves.  They spread apart as the table is extended.

We can make them long.

Storing the Leaves

We build padded plywood cases for storing leaves in closets or utility rooms.  Prices vary with size and number of leaves.


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