walnut tabletop in the sunshine

Solid Wood Table Tops

We build tabletops of boards and slabs*, not to be confused with veneer or composites.

We do not build tops without bases.

We have two sources for the wood for our tops:

  • our lumber shed
  • special order.

Tops from Our Lumber Shed

When we receive lumber and when we are pulling boards for a job, we look for boards of exceptional color, figure, and character. We mark and store them for table tops. When someone orders a table, we select boards from this "special reserve" for their individual beauty and for their coherence in a composition. Often people must be shown the joints, but the heft and expression of individual boards remain.

Because these boards are from different trees, some variation in figure and color is inherent.

Prices for tables on this website are for tables built from our special reserve.

Austin marking tabletop boards

Tops by Special Order

Lou Irion and Max Greeley buy exceptional logs to cut into lumber or flitches*. They keep the wood from each log in a set whose color, figure, and character are, therefore, consistent and extraordinary.

Lou and Max evaluating logs

Matched Sets of Lumber

Irion Lumber is our source for sets of square-edged boards 12-24" wide. This is an example of a curly cherry set:

curly cherry bookmatched set at Irion's

The length, width, and thickness of a set determine its suitability for a given design. We can guide you. Click to see the matched sets currently in stock at Irion Lumber.

Bookmatched Flitches

Max Greeley's Rawoods is a source for pairs of wide thick flitches* with natural edges that are bookmatched*. These we can use for our Mitchell Trestle tops.

Click to visit the Rawood website.

*see definitions below

Austin and Will preparing bookmatched slabs

Definitions *

A flitch is a cut through a log from bark to bark.

When a flitch is thick, it is commonly called a slab.

To bookmatch is to "open" two flitches or boards that were face to face in the tree and place them side by side.


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