our McCoy pedestal table and 6 chairs in setting

The McCoy Pedestal Table

A thick top floats, well-supported, on this base.


  • We can build this table from 40" to 64" in diameter.
  • The pedestals for tables less than or equal to 50" in diameter have five uprights.
  • The pedestals for tables greater than 50" in diameter have eight uprights.


  • Respecting the givens, we can build the table to suit the space and the seating.
  • We can assist with space planning.
  • You may choose cherry, walnut, maple or request another.
  • You may choose the edge treatment.
  • You may choose the preparation and the finish of the top. Tabletop Finishes.

McCoy Pedestal Tables 40" to 50" in Diameter.

Five uprights in the pedestal. The center upright has a clover-leaf cross section.

Small McCoy Pedestal Dining Table
  seats cherry walnut maple
42" Dia. 4-5 $3050 $3350 $3350
48" Dia. 4-6 $3350 $3750 $3750

For other diameters up to 50" please inquire.

McCoy Pedestal Tables 51" to 64" in Diameter

Eight Uprights in the Pedestal

cherry McCoy pedestal table
  seats cherry walnut maple
54" Dia. 6-7 $3600 $4000 $4000
60" Dia. 6-8 $3950 $4350 $4350

For other diameters from 51" to 64," please inquire.

Dear Gary,

Thank you for such a beautiful work of art!  At the moment it seems too nice to eat at.  I’m sure we’ll get over that and will enjoy your art for years.

We will send you a picture the first time we have a nice setting —

B. & A. M.

Houston, Texas