The Weeks Rocker®
in mahogany


Ready to ship November 6.

Can serve on your covered porch or indoors.


The Weeks Rocker is guaranteed to be the most comfortable, the most beautiful, and the best constructed rocking chair you have ever experienced or we will refund your money and pay for shipping both ways.


Mahogany is durable in the weather, often used as trim on boats. It shrinks and swells less than most woods, resists decay, and refinishes with ease. We recommend mahogany rockers for extreme conditions (very dry, very humid, or often changing).

When we ship the chairs they are light in color, but in reaction to light they turn darker and richer. If the chairs are kept indoors, they will remain the dark, rich color we think of for mahogany. If kept outdoors, they will turn grey.

The mahogany we use comes from forests certified to be well-managed by the Forest Stewardship Council.

two mahogany porch rockers in studio
new on the left, a year old on the right

Construction and Finish

We designed this chair to accommodate the shrinking and swelling brought on by changes in humidity. See Wood and Moisture. We tenon the seat boards together with spaces between to allow for expansion and contraction. We leave the front leg tenons proud where they come through the arms.

The contours of the mahogany chair, and the comfort delivered, are the same as those of all our rocking chairs.

The first mahogany rocker built this way has been on the porch of the showroom since 2004. The joints are tight. It is gray.

The chairs that will live on porches, we finish with a penetrating oil that can be easily renewed. A re-oiling will bring back the red-brown color that slowly fades to gray.

Dear Gary,

The rocker has just arrived as you know by now.  For all potential clients, a few words from a skeptical mind:  The company is no gimmicks.  They ship furniture across the ocean.  It arrives when they say it will.  And once you have unpacked it, a fine work of art appears.  It would be foolish to expect more.

Many thanks again,



Our mahogany side tables and footstools can tend to their porch rockers.

mahogany side table and rocker on porch


Conception and Construction

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