The Weeks Rocker®
in mesquite


Ready to ship November 6.


The Weeks Rocker is guaranteed to be the most comfortable, the most beautiful, and the best constructed rocking chair you have ever experienced or we will refund your money and pay for shipping both ways.


The trees are short and crooked, most of the wood is full of defects, pieces sound enough to make chair parts are rare. The color, depth, and figure are singular, beyond distinctive. Mesquite doesn't arrive as lumber, more as odds and ends. The piece Autumn and Will are unloading in the photo below is unusually large and clear on the face shown. The defects on the other side would break your heart. Most of it is only fit for cooking barbeque.

Will and Autumn unloading mesquite odds and ends

Dear Mr. Weeks.

We have had many good conversations in the past. Our chairs are still a blessing to our family and the Rocker is the highlight of the living room.

The Mesquite Rocker can sit in a cabin in the wilderness or in the White House and wouldn't be out of place in either!
It's a Gary Weeks!

Your friend,

Mannington, WV

Our Otwell Side Table and Harris Footstool complete a setting.

rocking chair, footstool, and side table


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