Special Edition Rocking Chairs

From time to time, we find extraordinary wood and make a rocking chair of it.

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Curly Maple Weeks Rocker #3321

We made this rocker from wood selected for us at Irion Lumber. It has bright, light, even color and active figure.


We ship on the first and third Wednesdays.


Curly Maple

Trees grow cells that make long fibers running up the trunk and to the leaves. We commonly call the manifestations of these fibers "grain." These fibers are usually more or less straight along the trunk or limb. But sometimes, for some reason, in some species, the fibers wave and wiggle.

When you cut with the grain of these waving fibers, the surface revealed reflects the light in a distinctive way, and we call the wood curly.

Curly maple has other names: tiger maple, fiddleback maple, and flame maple.

We specify "heavy curl" to get the best of figure.

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