When furniture is picked up by a carrier, we do not consider or contend that we don't have any further responsibility. If you have a problem with a carrier, we will solve it. If the furniture is damaged or lost, we will repair or replace it. You will not have to file a claim or haggle with a bureaucracy.

to the 48 States

Add 12% to the cost of the furniture.

to Alaska and Hawaii

Additional shipping charges apply. We will give you a firm price for delivery and a description of the method.

to Canada

We will give you a firm price (in US dollars) for the furniture, delivery, customs brokerage fees, and any taxes due. We will invoice and collect these amounts. The furniture will be delivered to your address with no further amounts due.

Your credit card company can make the currency exchange.

to Other International Addresses

We will give you a firm price (in US dollars) for delivery to your address or, for less cost and at your option, for pickup at the nearest international airport terminal.

Your credit card company can make the currency exchange.

Any duties or taxes will be collected from you at final delivery. We will provide contact information for a person or an office that can provide those amounts for you before you approve the sale.


Crated: We crate rocking chairs, 1-4 dining chairs or barstools, and smaller items in our shop. We use multiple layers of reinforced cardboard. Your furniture will be delivered to the door, but not unpacked by the driver.

Blanket-wrapped: Larger shipments are wrapped in blankets in our shop and in our presence.
Your furniture will be set where you specify and all debris removed.

Picked up at the shop: You may come for your furniture and we'll be glad to see you. Please make an appointment, and if necessary, bring pads, blankets, straps, tarp etc. We will load your furniture to ride. Our first half hour of loading time is free, after that we charge $50/hr per person working. We hate to charge, but we have spent hours sweeping trucks, rearranging odd, furniture gouging junk, and packing chairs to ride in the rain--it costs us.

With your invoice or upon request, we will send a shipping information sheet with details.